Top 5 Home Security Measures To Take

Do you live alone at your home? Is the neighborhood that you are in completely safe? Even if you live in an affluent gated community, it’s still good to have home protection. Your ability to protect yourself is always going to be slightly compromised when you have no one else to back you up. As a result of this, it’s a good idea to contact a home security company to install a home security system that will ensure that you have the best possible chance of staying safe.

The company that you choose when looking for a home security system is going to be one that has a certain amount of notoriety on television and the web. This notoriety will not only be based upon the reputation when compared to other companies but from the testimonials and comments that have been left by customers that are happy with their services. Using this social proof, along with what is known about the business, you can make your final choice as to which home security system should be installed at your home.

Important Safety Measures To Consider

Two other things that you should do to protect yourself if you are alone is to make sure that all of the locks at your house if you are new to this residence, are changed out right away. You never know if someone will come back, or if the key is lost, that a potential intruder could come in. Likewise, you want to make sure that all of the windows have locks, and that you have the phone number to the police on your cell phone so you can call when emergencies arise. These locksmith strategies will help people stay safe if they are living alone.

New Shower Screens Brighten Up the Bathroom

It is an undeniable fact that new shower screens brighten up the bathroom they’re placed in. And, given how some bathrooms can be dreary, dirty or simply strained from years of use, brightening up a bathroom can do wonders for the emotional well-being of a home’s residents. Indeed, using a shower screen as one element of a larger bathroom decorating project can transform even bleak and worn down bathrooms into places that are visually pleasing to those using them. For these purposes, a good shower screen can be shower screensinvaluable for making a bathroom the absolute best it can be.

The traditional shower screen is a sleek glass wall intended to keep water inside a specially insulated showering area rather than spilling all over the place and leaking on to unsealed areas to the floors beneath. Given as this is important to preventing water damage across the house, it becomes clear that a good shower screen is essential to any free standing shower. A simple glass wall and door that does not meet the ceiling is the most common option, though some options do exist for home owners with specific needs or personal desires that are somewhat unusual.

One option is frosted glass screen. These are ordinary panes of glass that are frosted with a special coating that renders them partially opaque. One advantage of frosted glass screens is that they obscure the person taking a shower, enabling a level of privacy for their bathing, even while someone else is using the bathroom while they shower. Whimsical home owners can also have letters, numbers, and images printed on a frosted glass screen, perhaps in design they find appealing or with a pseudonym they enjoy that reminds them of old style detective movies from ages ago. While transparent glass remains the most common option, frosted glass is not without its advantages as well.

Some shower screens are not glass but a thick, durable transparent or semi-transparent plastic that keeps water out just as readily while being of a material that is less brittle than glass and is less dangerous when broken. Families with rambunctious children will likely prefer this option if they are feeling particularly worrisome, and while this will seldom be a problem, some parents and guardians do not like taking chances. Other home owners may have other reasons for choosing plastic over glass. Areas that are prone to earthquakes that can easily shatter glass will oftentimes strike and leave plastic shower screens in less of a mess. Additionally, it is far easier to clean plastic than it is to clean glass after years of sustained use.

A new shower screen will often become necessary after years of use anyway, and home owners are advised not to skimp on this appliance. A good shower screen should look good and last for years, meaning that the cheapest one is rarely the best unless one is seriously strapped for funds. Of course, once installed, a new shower screen can make any bathroom a more comfortable, soothing place.

What Should Homeowners Expect From A Termite Inspection

By: Gold Coast (QLD) Pest Control Company TPC

Many homes all over the world are vulnerable to termite infestation if they are not properly cared for. Termites are very scary to homeowners because they have the potential to cause extensive damage to a home even before one can realize the presence of the pest problem. This is why home purchasers should seek a detailed building and pest inspection report to ensure the home is termite free and structurally sound. Since they eat wood from inside out, it is very hard for their presence to be detected unless you are aware of what to look for. Everything might just look sturdy and solid until the porch starts tilting or collapses. The good thing about termites is that they work very slowly especially when they are building nests. The best way to curb the termite menace is have a professional exterminator to carry out a thorough inspection on your household. Termite professionals are well versed with the areas at a high risk of termite infestation and the termite species your home may be infested with. If you have never had a termite inspection before and you want to protect your home from termites, you might have no idea of what to expect. Majority of the termite inspection companies offer free termite inspections so look for a reputable company to do the inspection. If you have never had a termite inspection before, here are some of the things to expect from a termite inspection.

Compound Survey

When you call a termite inspection professional, one of the things you should expect is a compound survey. Many exterminators claim that termites must have a place of origin before they can start boring into your house. In most cases, termites find good shelter in damp places. Therefore, a termite inspection professional will walk around your home compound to try is track the termites point of origin. Termites are usually inactive during the day so some professionals may prefer to carry out their inspections at night. With the help of UV light, they can easily track termites because they are usually very active at night.

The Identification of Termite Species

A termite inspection is not just about identifying the presence of termites. I goes far much beyond that. When a termite inspection professional, you should expect him to identify the termite species infesting your home. There are different termite species and they all have different behavior and control methods. Therefore, in addition to tracking the termite’s place of origin, the exterminator should identify the termite species. This will help him determine the most ideal control method to use.

A Termite Inspection Report

Once the exterminator has done all the necessary inspection, it is important for him to come up with an inspection report. Although many people ignore this, it is very important in termite inspection. Basically, an inspection report is a kind of detailed statement that either notes the absence or presence of signs that indicate termite activity in areas that the inspector can see. In the report, the inspector should highlight all the areas inspected and their respective findings. The report should go ahead to indicate the presence of any areas that were not visible to the inspector such as attics or crawlspaces and vents that need restructuring so as to provide access.

In the termite inspection report, the exterminator should go ahead and include important information about conditions in your compound that are potentially conducive for the infestation of termites such as wood-to-ground contacts and moisture sources. In addition to highlighting these conditions, the report should offer suggestions to rectify these issues.

Termite inspections should be part of a routine home maintenance because they can help you avert the immense damage that termites can cause.

Protecting Your Home From Termites

Termites Can Destroy a Home- Get Protection from Them

Termite infestation can lead to complete destruction of vulnerable parts of a home and can even affect all your furniture, drapes and books in your library. Protecting your home from termites can be made that much easier if you make it very hard for the termites to make a breeding ground out of your home.

If you are building a new home, ensure that you go in for termite protection from the initial stages, whether the property you have has any termites or not. Better to be safe than sorry. Specialists should be brought in who will treat the soil around your home; the foundation and finally the ground slab itself, so that termites find it difficult to penetrate the barriers that are raised against them. If you are already living in a home and you are not sure that it has had such treatment, again call for the professionals, and they will ring your home with chemical barriers that will give the pesky critters a hard time.

Prevention, they say, is the best medicine. So you will do well to see that all the furniture that you have in your home is protected from termites, and if you have only steel furniture, you have less to worry about. If you have wooden things in the home that require being stored, see if you can do this in a shed or somewhere away from the home. Keep plants and trees far away from your home and its foundations, as they can become a source of food for termites and allow them to then invade your home. Make sure that the walls of your home have no cracks or openings that can allow the termites to enter. Dampness can add to conditions that termites find good for breeding, so you must always ensure that the area around your home has good drainage and never allows for the accumulation of water.

What Should Homeowners Expect From A Termite Inspection?

When you are confronted with termites, do not waste a single minute and call in the experts to deal with them, immediately. You may get over the counter products that do promise their eradication, but the professionals will get to the root of the matter, trace their colonies and eliminate them, while your efforts may be restricted to areas that you see as infested. Get these people to inspect your home at regular intervals and give it any treatment that they may suggest.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

Some Pros And Cons To Beautiful Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has enjoyed a resurgence with the consumer lately because it’s beauty combined with its low carbon footprint. The difference being, a hardwood tree may take up to 100 years to grow before it can be harvested, however, bamboo can be grown and harvested in just four years, making it much more eco-friendly than other kinds of hardwood flooring. There are several other advantages and a few disadvantages, to this type of flooring, let’s take a look at some of those now.

Bamboo Offers Excellent Hardness And Longevity.

Bamboo is naturally quite hard and can be harder than some hardwoods that are now in use today, but harder than any pine or Douglas fir floors, which are considered softwoods. This makes it an excellent consideration in areas where people could be walking with high-heeled shoes or other high wear areas as well. Bamboo is also naturally resistant to moisture and can be used in areas that might be subject to spills such as kitchens and bathrooms. It resists swelling, molds and mildews, plus other types of moisture caused problems.

It Grows Fast And Is Easily Recycled.

As mentioned previously, it can take as little as four years to completely grow bamboo prior to harvest. This makes it an incredible cash crop for people living in the tropics, to be able to profit in just a few years. The problem with hardwoods, especially in the tropics, is that from the time the seeds are planted until harvest is several generations of waiting. This long waiting period leads to illegally harvesting already grown hardwoods from the national forests and public areas, in nearly all of the tropical countries on earth. This gives bamboo a considerable advantage in that not only does it grow wild, but is easily cultivated and can be grown abundantly.

Bamboo Flooring Is Low Maintenance And Easy To Clean.

The word is spreading about how easy bamboo floors are to keep clean. A quick daily sweep and a once a week mopping are all that it takes to keep your bamboo floor looking shiny and new. Many kinds of stains and spills have a hard time sticking to the bamboo surface, and because of its natural moisture resistance, it can be mopped weekly without a problem.

There Are Two Kinds Of Bamboo Floors And You Should Know The Difference.

Bamboo comes in two different types of flooring; one is solid wood, and the other is engineered. The engineered flooring is similar to the hardwood engineered flooring, in that is made up of multiple layers, laid in different directions for strength, and has a bamboo veneer surface. Because of it’s engineering, you can have a longer wearing surface with fewer problems with denting by high-heeled shoes. The solid type of flooring is 100% bamboo where the original wood is sliced and trimmed, then hard pressed to make the flooring boards.

The Engineered And Glued Flooring Contains Formaldehyde.

If you’re one of the few people who has an allergy to formaldehyde containing products, then you’ll want to avoid the laminated, glued, and engineered bamboo, because they will normally have formaldehyde fumes that emanate for a time after installation. These fumes do dissipate and lesson as time goes on, and are not excessive in any way.

Bamboo is been in use for thousands of years throughout Asia and the rest the tropics as well. It’s beautiful to look at, durable and strong to use, and with modern manufacturing techniques can now make a beautiful floor as well. Examples can be viewed online; however, a visit to your local home improvement store to see for yourself is well worth the trip.