Hair Wraps And Braiding For Kids

If you have a young girl, then you know that they are not ready to take care of their beautiful natural hair quite yet. You have to ease them into it, teaching them to wear their head wrap at night after using some product on their hair braiding.

Every couple of weeks take your daughter to have new braids and beads added to her hair. This will bring her the joy of looking forward to having her hair done. At even 8 years old, you will still have to keep her hair under wraps, hair braidingpreferably with braids so that she does not leave it to fester, without knowing how to properly care for it yet.

Find a professional like Surfers Paradise Hair Wraps and Braiding (who have 3 locations on the popular Gold Coast tourist mecca) who not only knows how to work fast but effectively at braiding, in particular with children. It is a huge series of steps starting from the time they have even the smallest amount of hair growing in as a toddler.

Start by having their hair braided. They will have a meltdown and be afraid at their first few appointments. That’s why it is wise to find someone who specialises in working with children.

They will know how to work with children’s insecurities and fears to get them to cooperate. One woman swears by using consequences, such as do you want to wear these beautiful beads, and then you need to calm down. Other kids require a little more bribing and incentive.

The idea is that the professional hair braider needs to know how to meet different kids and work with them to make the process go more smoothly. After a few visits, the child should feel more comfortable to the point where they look forward to seeing the hair dresser.

From there, they will know when the child is ready to move from big braids and big bobbins to smaller braids and corn rows that use tiny beads. Many will involve the child in the process to keep them sublimely distracted in the whole passage of time and the process.

For instance, they might have them help line the beads. “Put 10 beads on the strands” it might start. They may have the kid’s favorite movie or music playing in the background to ease the kids into the process even more.

If the parents have to leave and come back, that is a great way to teach the child to trust other people. It also allows the parents to run errands, go shopping, and get other tasks done that seem to take ten times as long with a child along for the ride.

At some point, around ten years old, the same hair dresser will teach the child how to fully brush out their hair so that they do not have to cut out any sections of their hair ever. That is sad, and best avoided. That is part of the reason that braids are so prevalent. It helps to bide the time until a child is ready to take more responsibility for their hair.