Some Really Usefull SEO Tips

Here are 3 tips that will help you fully optimize your website. SEO helps improve your websites ranking in the natural search results on Google and other search engines. Since 80% of website traffic comes from a search engine, this is very important as any SEO Agency will tell you.

search engines#1. Keywords.

Keywords and key phrases are the bread and butter of search engine optimization. The content that you create should have keyword roots that are trending, relevant, and allows you to touch on a large enough subject to keep readers interested. Try searching your preferred keywords yourself and taking a look at the competition. These are the other websites that you will need to overcome if you hope to become the search engine optimization expert.

#2. H1 tags (<h1>Keyword>/h1>)

While we are on the subject of keywords, you should consider placing an emphasis on the keywords the first few times they appear near the top of the article. You also need to use heading tags with the keywords because this is where the search engine checks to find if the actual keyword is used in your web page. The search engine will check your Meta Description and the h1 tag. The h tags descend in importance from h1 to h6 throughout the page. Don’t use too many different colors or styles of text throughout the page. Too much clutter or confusion will also scare readers away.

#3. Google Analytics.

You aren’t working in the dark. There are plenty of tools and websites out there that will help you with your search engine optimization. For example, Google Analytics is a complete package that shows your website’s performance from the point of view of visitors. Where do you visitors come from? How many are there? What pages do they land on and where do they go from there? Google Analytics provides a lot of useful information and is an invaluable tool for all web masters and is something you should add to your website. Click here for a guide to getting started with Google Analytics.