Should I Use a Business Broker to Sell My Business?

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While you can always sell your business on your own, the fact of the matter is that, unless if you have the time, the contacts and the expertise, it would be difficult to sell at the price that is satisfactory to you. This is especially true if you don’t know of any professional buyers who are into buying businesses that are the same as yours.

So, if you are wondering if you should use a business broker like Hallmark Business Sales to sell your business, the answer is a quick resounding and all-caps YES. As you search for it online, you will see that there are many business brokers out there. Before hiring anyone, though, there are a few questions you need to ask.

How long have you been in the business? A broker that has been around for at least five years tells you that it is good at what it does and, more importantly, that it is a legitimate business that won’t leave you in the cold.

2. What kind of business do you specialize in brokering? Equally important to the lengths of the experience is the a group of people analysing business financialsquality of the experience. Different businesses have different dynamics in the way they are sold. For example, selling a website is different than selling a restaurant.

Even when a broker specializes in the kind of business you are in, make sure they specialize or have specific experience in selling a business that is similar to yours. For example, if you own a fine dining restaurant that can seat 150 people, make sure the broker has sold businesses with the same specs because it would mean they already have buyers that would be interested in your business.

3. How many brokers do you have and how many listings are they working one? Definitely, you will want to work with a broker that has enough time on his hands to sell your business. Having three to seven businesses to work on is a fairly reasonable number.

4. What process do you have to ensure confidentiality? Trust us on this one. The last thing you want to happen is for your customers to get wind of news that you are selling your business. They might think you are in trouble even though you only want to move on to other things.

5. How do you determine the selling price of a client’s business? If a broker gives you a cookie-cutter formula for determining the selling price, run in the opposite direction. Valuing a business is actually complex and although there is a basic formula, intangibles are also taken into consideration.

6. How many buyers do you have on your list? When it comes to the number of buyers in their network, it’s quality over quantity. In our experience, the brokers that say they have hundreds of buyers are only referring to the number of people in their contact list, which means that process of selling your business will be less proactive than it should be. It’s much better to hire a broker who has cultivated relationships with a handful of buyers over the years.

When it comes to hiring a broker, you will want to set up a consultation meeting/interview with at least three brokers and ask them the questions we outlined above. Hire the broker that gives the most satisfying answer overall.

Where can you find business brokers? You will find plenty online and they are in different locations across the world. Any broker is fine as long as you pre-qualify them based on the questions above AND your business is an online business. However, if you have a local business like a restaurant, it would be much better to hire a business broker in your local area, for obvious reasons, not the least of which is that you can meet with prospective buyers and ensure that there’s continuity of your brand if that is a major concern.

Before meeting with any broker, make sure that they have a good reputation. Hopefully, they were referred by your business contacts. But if you just found them online, make sure they have a good reputation among sellers and buyers alike.

Roller Blinds Gold Coast – Attractive and Effective Window Treatments

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Windows are essential openings in the walls of any living space and are normally glazed so that sufficient natural light makes its way into the room. They are also openings that can be operated to let in air and create a proper ventilation for the enclosed space. This openness can at times be distracting and cause an invasion of the privacy of the people living there. The use of roller blinds helps to have some control over such situations and allow the residents of a home to control both light and ventilation while ensuring privacy.

According to a local supplier and installer, roller blinds or Holland blinds as they are also known come in a wide variety of styles and colors and can be custom made to your exact requirements

Windows can look bare and intimidating, and it is quite common to give them some form of treatment that will make them less so. Blinds, curtains and other treatments are used for this, and among this roller blinds make for the roller blinds in a dining areasimplest of treatments. In these blinds, the fabric is wound over a roller and the roller operated so that the blind is let down over the opening or rolled and pulled up so that the window is exposed.

Roller blinds can have different mechanisms to enable their operation and this can be done by rotating the rollers through chains or ropes or by activating a spring. Roller blinds that use chain operation are easy to use and control and can be operated partially so that part of the window is covered. Spring rollers have various mechanical parts that can break done and cause problems in their smooth working. Technology has been developed that uses gears and other means to give the spring operated rollers more control. The springs that are used in most roller blinds nowadays are safe even for children to use.

Roller blinds are very practical methods of window treatment and the ease of their operation allows for providing shade from the sun. This action can, in turn, protect furniture and other furnishings in a room. The operation of a blind can help to control the amount of light coming into a room and reduce glare that can be distracting when you are working on a computer or watching a television screen. Most importantly, roller blinds go a long way in ensuring the privacy of the room and can block out the outside world. You can even use roller blinds that function as blackout screens to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and are not disturbed by the light or other happenings outside your windows. They are especially useful for children’s rooms and can be a big advantage for people who have to sleep during the day because they have to work in shifts.

Roller blinds can be used in any room of the home, and do not have to be restricted to bedrooms or other personal spaces. There is a wide variety of fabrics that can be used for roller blinds. They can have a number of colors or designs that can greatly add to the decor of the room. Digital printing technology has allowed blinds to be printed with even scenery, landscapes or even personal themes. Roller blinds fitted in conservatories turn them into cool places that can be a pleasure to spend time in. They blend well with any sort of decor or architectural style.

Roller blinds are equally practical measures to ensure control over light and privacy in bathrooms and kitchens. Their fitting is relatively simple and does not require much of expertise unless you are installing blinds that have sophisticated control systems. They remain window treatments that are very flexible and can yet add a lot of style to any interior. You can get blinds that are motorized and operated by remote control if you want to have greater control over your living environment.

Home Additions and Extensions Gold Coast

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Adding onto your home can not only give you more space but can also help increase your house’s resale value. However, before you dive in and get started on your new addition, there are some important factors that you need to consider. Here are a few of the most important things to think about when planning a home addition and extension. Mintconstruct Pty Ltd a local builder supplied the following information.

modern home extension taking advantage of water views

1. Make sure the addition blends seamlessly with your existing home. Nothing is more unattractive than an addition that looks like it was just tacked onto an existing home without putting any thought or consideration into matching the architectural style of the original home. When planning your addition, make sure that it will blend in flawlessly with the original construction. If necessary, hire an architect to design the addition for you so that it works with your home. In the long run, paying a relatively small fee for a professional design will be worth it since it will help keep your home attractive and cohesive, making it easier to sell.

2. Hire a company that is properly licensed to do the addition. Any new construction on your home needs to be up to code. Otherwise, you will most likely run into problems when it comes time to sell your home in the future. To prevent any problems, be sure to hire a qualified company for the project. Additionally, make sure that you have all the necessary permits from your city before work begins. Contact your local building department to find out what the requirements are in your area.


3. Decide whether to build up or out. You have two options when it comes to additions. You can either add onto the side of your home, or you can add a second floor up top. Both options have pros and cons. Generally, second-story additions are well-suited to houses that are located on small lots. Homes with more yard space tend to do well with lateral extensions instead. Again, this is an area where a good architect can help. Although these professional fees may be expensive, they are worth it if they help keep you from making a mistake that you will eventually regret.

Home additions and extensions can be a great way to expand your space and increase the value of your home. Just be sure to put careful thought and planning into the project before work begins. This will help ensure that your addition comes out just the way that you envisioned it.

Carpet Cleaning for End of Lease Gold Coast

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When you rent an apartment, townhouse or home, you will most likely need to put a security deposit down. The security deposit is often the same as one month’s rent. To help ensure that you receive your security deposit back when you get out of your lease, the place must be in the same shape as it was when you rented your place. This means you need end of lease carpet cleaning.

Choices When It Comes To Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, there are several choices. You can either clean your carpets yourself, or you can have a carpet cleaning service to come in and clean your carpets for you. Both of these choices have advantages and disadvantages.

One of the main advantages of doing it yourself is the cost. The only money you will spend is renting a carpet cleaning machine and purchasing the carpet cleaning formula. The disadvantage of this is the work involved. Carpet cleaning is back-breaking and time-consuming work.

Alternatively, the main advantage of hiring a carpet cleaning service is there is no labor involved. The carpet cleaning service will come in and clean your carpets for you. The disadvantage of this service is the cost. However, many of the top carpet cleaning services run specials that only cost slightly more than renting a carpet cleaner and buying carpet cleaning solution.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Service

If you decide to use a carpet cleaning service, there are several things to consider when finding a carpet cleaning service. First, the cheapest is not always the best. You want a company that will do a quality job. Ask your friends and family member for recommendations to find a company that will do quality work at an affordable price.

One thing to remember when contacting a carpet cleaning company is to ask if they do background checks on their employees. Because the carpet cleaning technicians will be in your house, you want to make sure that those who enter are trustworthy.

When you get ready to move from your rented townhouse, house or apartment, you need to leave the place in as good of shape as it was when you first rented it. This means that the carpets must be clean. The best way to ensure that you get your deposit back is to have your carpets cleaned when you move out.


Are Storage Units a Good Investment?

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Are you looking to invest in something? If so, then consider investing in storage units. You’re probably asking yourself if storage units is a good investment and the answer is yes, they are. Here are a few benefits and reasons why you should invest in storage units from someone who has built his own facility and now running them very profitably.

blue storage sheds

1. Easy Management- Perhaps the main benefit of investing in storage units is you don’t have to spend a lot of time managing them. In fact, when you own a storage unit facility, you won’t have to worry about tenants, plumbing leaks, toilets and other types of maintenance issues associated with managing other types of properties. The truth is you don’t have to be there to keep an eye on the property because you can install security cameras, alarms and other types of security tools. If you want to invest in property, but you don’t want to spend too much time managing it, then consider investing in storage units.

2. Virtually Recession Proof- Not many investments are recession proof, but storage units are virtually recession proof. Think about it, when a recession occurs, one of the first things people do is downsize their home so they can move into a smaller one. If they can’t fit their belongings in their new home, then they tend to rent a storage unit. Unfortunately, recessions can hit people hard and this results in them needing to sell their homes.

Those who rent a home are more likely to use storage units than those who own a home. This is because renters tend to move around more frequently. If you own a storage facility, then you can be there for those who need to store their things when life gets tough.

3. No Evicting Tenants- If you own a residential property or commercial properties that you rent out, then you always risk the chance of having to evict a tenant. Nobody enjoys the eviction process because there are a lot of headaches involved and you have to do everything according to law. Not only that, but it’s stressful for the landlord because most landlords don’t want to or enjoy evicting tenants. With storage units, you don’t have to evict anyone and if someone doesn’t pay you for the unit, then you can cancel their agreement and rent the unit to another person.

4. Return On Investment– Many types of investments take a long time before they return profits, but storage units are in a class of their own. There are many ways to increase their value, thus increasing your profit potential. For example, you can upgrade your units and allow people to store large vehicles and you can add solar panels and things of that nature. The bottom line is the return on investment is potentially huge with storage units, and they can pay for themselves within a very short period of time.

5. Less Competition- One of the best things about storage unit investments is the lack of competition, and this is a good thing for those who invest in storage unit properties. A lot of people think of storage units as being boring investments and if you buy a storage facility, the chances are you won’t have much competition. If you want to get involved with an investment that doesn’t have a lot of competition, then do yourself a favor and invest in storage units.

6. Growth Potential- There is a lot of potential for growth. When you buy a storage unit property and it starts to do very well, you might be interested in investing in another one and the chances of being able to afford to do so will be high. What you can do is wait until your first investment has paid off and then you can buy another storage facility and when that starts doing good, then you’ll be making even more money.

The time to start investing in the storage unit industry is now. The chances are it will continue to grow and there will likely always be a need for them. If you want to experience the above benefits of investing in storage units, then start doing it soon, but do your research on different storage units in the area.

Air Conditioning Gold Coast – Options For Your Home

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With summer almost here, if you don’t have central AC, you might be wondering what to do. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should suffer through the hot months without any air conditioning in your home. Well, there are alternative options for your air conditioning needs that you should consider.

1. Portable AC Units

If you’re looking to save money while keeping cool, then portable air conditioning units are the way to do it. Unlike central AC units, portable air conditioning units allow you to cool down a specific room in your home rather than wasting money or energy cooling down the entire home. Using these portable units, you can cool down the popularly used rooms to the specific temperature you need, comfortably.

The AC units also come with an adapter kit that vents out the warm air out of the window. There are some special models that allow you to vent out the hot air through the fireplace or a hole in the exterior wall of your home. Besides their efficiency and advantages, they are more expensive and use more energy than other AC units.

air conditioning

2. Window AC Units

Depending on the type or model you purchase, window AC units are installed directly in your window or through the wall. Since they don’t take up any floor space or other areas in your house, they are quite advantageous to most people, especially those who live in smaller rooms. Once you’re done installing it, there is nothing else left to do since it vents out the warm air to the part on the outside.

They are considered very energy efficient since you can cool down one particular area of your home. Therefore, you can save a lot of money on your energy bills. However, your purchasing options for window air conditioning units might be limited to the shape and size of your window. For instance, it might be too small or big and not have enough cooling power to cool the area that you need effectively. Of course, you can solve this problem comfortably by taking good measurements of your window before purchasing the air conditioning unit.

On the other hand, when the AC unit is installed in your window, you no longer have access to the view outside your home. It will also block the natural light coming through your window. Alternatively, you can always opt for the models that go through the wall to prevent these limitations. Before installing it, you need to check whether your home associations allow you to install the AC unit in your home.

3. Ductless AC Units

It is a hybrid of a central air conditioner and a window AC unit. Ductless AC units have condensers that go outside and connected to an evaporator placed high especially on a wall or on the ceiling. Compared to other AC units, ductless air conditioning systems are quieter and also have compacted units that can be placed anywhere comfortably.

You can install multiple units in various areas in your home depending on the size of your living room or how many rooms you need to be cooled. Ductless AC units are very energy efficient, but they are more expensive than other AC alternatives. Of course, you can cool specific areas of your house while the unused rooms are not affected.

To get your questions answered about air conditioning installation for your Gold Coast home, give this team a call.

SEO Gold Coast – Search Engine Optimisation Experts

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Search engine optimization, usually referred to as SEO, is a critical business process given today’s ever connected world. In today’s market the majority of consumers turn to the internet to find out relevant information about the product and services that they are considering. Beyond this, when a person is looking for a service provider or product to fulfill a need that they have, the internet is the first place that they turn to in order to begin their search.

Any business that is not actively engaged in good SEO techniques is potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table for the competition to scoop up.

What is good search engine optimization?

This is a somewhat complex question to answer, but generally speaking good SEO is a process that is designed to look natural like that provided by a local SEO expert. For example one of the most important practices for people in this field to engage in is link building. This means placing other links around the internet that point back to your website. However these links cannot be low quality and on pages with bad content. They need to be sourced from high quality sites that are delivering content that is relevant to the sourcing site’s niche.

Recently Google has begun to punish sites that spam low quality links for the purposes of ‘gaming’ their search algorithm.

Another important part of this process that companies need to be aware of is the power of social media. Most search algorithms now take into account the number of times that a given site is mentioned in social circles. This could take the form of a tweet from Twitter, a like from Facebook, or even comment mentions from Youtube videos.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing dynamic process. For businesses to stay competitive in the marketplace they must stay up to date on the latest and most effective SEO practices.