Air Conditioning Gold Coast – Options For Your Home

With summer almost here, if you don’t have central AC, you might be wondering what to do. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should suffer through the hot months without any air conditioning in your home. Well, there are alternative options for your air conditioning needs that you should consider.

1. Portable AC Units

If you’re looking to save money while keeping cool, then portable air conditioning units are the way to do it. Unlike central AC units, portable air conditioning units allow you to cool down a specific room in your home rather than wasting money or energy cooling down the entire home. Using these portable units, you can cool down the popularly used rooms to the specific temperature you need, comfortably.

The AC units also come with an adapter kit that vents out the warm air out of the window. There are some special models that allow you to vent out the hot air through the fireplace or a hole in the exterior wall of your home. Besides their efficiency and advantages, they are more expensive and use more energy than other AC units.

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2. Window AC Units

Depending on the type or model you purchase, window AC units are installed directly in your window or through the wall. Since they don’t take up any floor space or other areas in your house, they are quite advantageous to most people, especially those who live in smaller rooms. Once you’re done installing it, there is nothing else left to do since it vents out the warm air to the part on the outside.

They are considered very energy efficient since you can cool down one particular area of your home. Therefore, you can save a lot of money on your energy bills. However, your purchasing options for window air conditioning units might be limited to the shape and size of your window. For instance, it might be too small or big and not have enough cooling power to cool the area that you need effectively. Of course, you can solve this problem comfortably by taking good measurements of your window before purchasing the air conditioning unit.

On the other hand, when the AC unit is installed in your window, you no longer have access to the view outside your home. It will also block the natural light coming through your window. Alternatively, you can always opt for the models that go through the wall to prevent these limitations. Before installing it, you need to check whether your home associations allow you to install the AC unit in your home.

3. Ductless AC Units

It is a hybrid of a central air conditioner and a window AC unit. Ductless AC units have condensers that go outside and connected to an evaporator placed high especially on a wall or on the ceiling. Compared to other AC units, ductless air conditioning systems are quieter and also have compacted units that can be placed anywhere comfortably.

You can install multiple units in various areas in your home depending on the size of your living room or how many rooms you need to be cooled. Ductless AC units are very energy efficient, but they are more expensive than other AC alternatives. Of course, you can cool specific areas of your house while the unused rooms are not affected.

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