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What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

A lot of businesses have heard about search engine optimisation, some have implemented it successfully, others have tried and failed, but many more are clueless about the benefits SEO has for their businesses. So what is all the fuss about?

Search engine optimisation, usually referred to as SEO, is a critical business process given today’s ever connected world. In today’s market the majority of consumers turn to the internet to find out relevant information about the product and services that they are considering. Beyond this, when a person is looking for a service provider or product to fulfil a need that they have, the internet is the first place that they turn to in order to begin their search.

Any business that is not actively engaged in good SEO techniques is potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table for the competition to scoop up.

What is good search engine optimisation?

This is a somewhat complex question to answer, but generally speaking good SEO is a process that is designed to look natural like that provided by a local SEO expert. For example one of the most important practices for people in this field to engage in is link building. This means placing other links around the internet that point back to your website. However these links cannot be low quality and on pages with bad content. They need to be sourced from high quality sites that are delivering content that is relevant to the sourcing site’s niche.

Recently Google has begun to punish sites that spam low quality links for the purposes of ‘gaming’ their search algorithm.

Another important part of this process that companies need to be aware of is the power of social media. Most search algorithms now take into account the number of times that a given site is mentioned in social circles. This could take the form of a tweet from Twitter, a like from Facebook, or even comment mentions from Youtube videos.

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing dynamic process. For businesses to stay competitive in the marketplace they must stay up to date on the latest and most effective SEO practices.