Home Additions and Extensions Gold Coast

Adding onto your home can not only give you more space but can also help increase your house’s resale value. However, before you dive in and get started on your new addition, there are some important factors that you need to consider.

Here are a few of the most important things to think about when planning a home addition and extension.

modern home extension taking advantage of water views

1. Make sure the addition blends seamlessly with your existing home. Nothing is more unattractive than an addition that looks like it was just tacked onto an existing home without putting any thought or consideration into matching the architectural style of the original home. When planning your addition, make sure that it will blend in flawlessly with the original construction. If necessary, hire an architect to design the addition for you so that it works with your home. In the long run, paying a relatively small fee for a professional design will be worth it since it will help keep your home attractive and cohesive, making it easier to sell.

2. Hire a company that is properly licensed to do the addition. Any new construction on your home needs to be up to code. Otherwise, you will most likely run into problems when it comes time to sell your home in the future. To prevent any problems, be sure to hire a qualified company for the project. Additionally, make sure that you have all the necessary permits from your city before work begins. Contact your local building department to find out what the requirements are in your area.

3. Decide whether to build up or out. You have two options when it comes to additions. You can either add onto the side of your home, or you can add a second floor up top. Both options have pros and cons. Generally, second-story additions are well-suited to houses that are located on small lots. Homes with more yard space tend to do well with lateral extensions instead. Again, this is an area where a good architect can help. Although these professional fees may be expensive, they are worth it if they help keep you from making a mistake that you will eventually regret.

Home additions and extensions can be a great way to expand your space and increase the value of your home. Just be sure to put careful thought and planning into the project before work begins. This will help ensure that your addition comes out just the way that you envisioned it.