How to Locate Underground Utilities in Brisbane

Whether you are going to be digging around your property for home improvement purposes or you are in need of repairs on your septic system, you will want to make sure that you know where any of your underground utilities are located. Often times, public utility systems will be run underneath the ground either for aesthetic purposes or due to the nature of their function. You can locate the underground utilities with ground penetrating radar (GPR) prior to digging and this will lessen the chance of a dangerous situation and save you a whole lot more money in repairs. Luckily, there are ways that you can tell where these underground utilities are located in close proximity to your property.


Locating Underground Utilities

For the most part, you are going to see that colored flags or lines are used to help mark the location or to denote the presence of certain kinds of underground utilities.  You might even notice that there will be fluorescent spray paint on the ground marking where the lines are placed. In case of a flag, there is often a logo that is on it that will tell the municipal utility or company that have utilities installed underneath. In the case of sprinkler heads on commercial ground, you will also see them specially marked so that any landscaping crews or construction workers are able to detect them.

Underground utility location; whether it is wires underneath the ground, sprinkler systems or piping, it is important that they are properly marked to help stop any chance of an accident from happening. These location methods are crucial in case there is any sort of lack of information on outdated maps in the area. When you have the underground utilities properly marked, you are going to be able to pinpoint exactly where they are so that the right amount of clearance can be given to help cover all bases.

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