Moving to a New State: What’s Involved?

Posted on December 29, 2017Posted in Uncategorised

You have made the brave decision to launch out and relocate yourself and your future across state bounds. Now that the easy part is behind you, it’s time to take a realistic look at what such a monumental move will mean to you.

The following guide is written for those moving about for the first time and completely unfamiliar with what they might see hear and experience. From questions to ask the movers, to making sure everything you send is in good conditions when it arrives,

CRAFT A MASTER PLAN — the first thing to do will be to set out a master plan that describes the process of the move in easy to manages sections. For example, you will need to set a budget for cash resources you intend to use on this trip. Do you have a vehicle that can be used to transport even a small portion of the goods from A to B? Do you have any friendly or relative assistance that can make this slightly easier (or cheaper)? The point is you will set up all your cost-a couple getting boxes ready for movingeffective and time-efficient moves in the planning stage so never neglect this.

PARE DOWN YOUR STUFF — Stuff needs to be taken and stuff needs to be left behind, how will you discern between which stuff is which? Everything you take with your will cost something to bring, so you will need to know which items are must-haves and which are merely nice-to-haves.

Three piles are all you need; Pack, Purge and Donate (and possibly store). You can decide which stuff you will take and then get creative with how you will deal with the rest. A yard sale at this point is a great way to ditch unwanted stuff and make a few bucks to help with the big move.

ASK YOUR MOVERS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS — Talk to the local removalists about their operating procedures. If these removals companies use a subcontracting plan or work with other companies there is a good chance your stuff will be transferred to various vehicles or locations before it arrives at your home on the given date(s). This means you may have to sleep on the trampoline till the bedrooms set arrives.

SPOT BAD MOVER RED FLAGS — You will want to apply an extra thorough review to your mover company before signing on with them. There are reputable movers that can transport your crystal sculptures and grand piano with equal dexterity and skill. Then there are movers who manage to lose one shoe, scratch your headboards and scuff the walls on the way in.

Your reputable moving companies will have all the documentation licensing and proper insurance to do their work properly or compensate you for any damaged or missing goods. A simple online search will tell you what to look for on the websites of any movers you are considering using.

UNDERSTAND YOUR DELIVERY SPREAD — If you are thinking your stuff will arrive on the day you show up to the home, you will be in for a shock. The delivery system typically works on a “spread”, this means that the day your things arrive could be within two or fourteen days of your arrival. Why is this? A moving company has to master the logistics and convenience of moving a large amount of stuff from many different locations. To assign one truck to each service would be insanely expensive, although you can ask about this specialized service. Therefore, one truck will be used to transport the belongings of several different clients.

PREPARE TO PACK THE CAR — If you are making an especially long trip to states far away, there is a good chance that packing up the car to be shipped would be a better idea than trying to drive it there yourself. This can take a couple weeks of itself, so you should consider how you can best time your move. This way you will have only a limited time without the important convenience of private transportation.

SET ASIDE AN EMERGENCY BAG — you never know how long you will be without your daily necessities. Make sure you have set aside a bag that contains all you will need just in case you are separated from your belongings for a prolonged period of time.