New Shower Screens by Gold Coast & Brisbane Company

It is an undeniable fact that a new shower screen installation can brighten up the bathroom they’re placed in. And, given how some bathrooms can be dreary, dirty or simply strained from years of use, brightening up a bathroom can do wonders for the emotional well-being of a home’s residents. Indeed, using a shower screen as one element of a larger bathroom decorating project can transform even bleak and worn down bathrooms into places that are visually pleasing to those using them. For these purposes, a good shower screen can be a new shower screen installationinvaluable for making a bathroom the absolute best it can be.

The traditional shower screen is a sleek glass wall intended to keep water inside a specially insulated showering area rather than spilling all over the place and leaking on to unsealed areas to the floors beneath. Given as this is important to preventing water damage across the house, it becomes clear that a good shower screen is essential to any free standing shower. A simple glass wall and door that does not meet the ceiling is the most common option, though some options do exist for home owners with specific needs or personal desires that are somewhat unusual.

One option is frosted glass screen. These are ordinary panes of glass that are frosted with a special coating that renders them partially opaque. One advantage of frosted glass screens is that they obscure the person taking a shower, enabling a level of privacy for their bathing, even while someone else is using the bathroom while they shower. Whimsical home owners can also have letters, numbers, and images printed on a frosted glass screen, perhaps in design they find appealing or with a pseudonym they enjoy that reminds them of old style detective movies from ages ago. While transparent glass remains the most common option, frosted glass is not without its advantages as well.

Some shower screens are not glass but a thick, durable transparent or semi-transparent plastic that keeps water out just as readily while being of a material that is less brittle than glass and is less dangerous when broken. Families with rambunctious children will likely prefer this option if they are feeling particularly worrisome, and while this will seldom be a problem, some parents and guardians do not like taking chances. Other home owners may have other reasons for choosing plastic over glass. Areas that are prone to earthquakes that can easily shatter glass will oftentimes strike and leave plastic shower screens in less of a mess. Additionally, it is far easier to clean plastic than it is to clean glass after years of sustained use.

A new shower screen will often become necessary after years of use anyway, and home owners are advised not to skimp on this appliance. A good shower screen should look good and last for years, meaning that the cheapest one is rarely the best unless one is seriously strapped for funds. Of course, once installed, a new shower screen can make any bathroom a more comfortable, soothing place.