The Different Types Of Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is something that a lot of people look into because of the appeal of silky-smooth hair. If you are one of these people, you need to know about the different types of hair straightening available. Knowing the different types will help you to determine which method will be best for you.

Temporary Hair Straightening

When looking at the types of hair straightening available, you need to consider if you want temporary or permanent straightening. Temporary hair straightening is generally completed through the application of heat. This could be with a hot iron or with the hair drier.

Temporary hair straightening can be done at home and with relative ease. Of course, you will need to be careful as certain types of hair will become brittle if heat is applied too often. Conditioning your hair and using a hair treatment will ensure that this does not happen.

The most common method of temporary hair straightening is using a hot iron. There are a lot of hot irons on the market and they are all marketed as being easy to use. A hot iron should only be used on clean hair. You should use conditioner before using a hot iron to lock some moisture into your hair.

To straighten your hair, you will have to work in sections and slowly rung the hot iron along your hair. Run the iron from the root to the tip to ensure that the entire hair strand is straightened. You might have to repeat the movement over a section of hair, but you should never do this more than twice. Too many applications on a section of hair will cause it to overheat and become damaged.

Another temporary hair straightening method is bow drying your hair. It is important to note that this technique will not provide the same sleek look as the hot iron. Instead, you will get straight and fill hair. One of the benefits of this method is that you can straighten your hair with the cold setting of the hair drier as well.

You will need to have either a paddle brush or a roller brush to straighten your hair. The drier should be around 6 inches from the hair to get the best results. You will need to run the brush and drier along your hair a few times to achieve the straight look that you want.

Permanent Hair Straightening

If you are looking for a longer-term solution to your wavy or frizzy hair, permanent straightening might be the best solution. The popularity of permanent hair straightening has increased over the years, but you should still have this done by a trained professional like Marc Azzi from Hair Straightening Sydney Salon. All of the permanent straightening techniques will use chemicals and heat. There are 3 types of permanent hair straightening that are commonly used and they are re-bonding, keratin and smoothing.

Rebonding is considered one of the best methods if you are looking for smooth and straight hair. The problem is that this technique will break down the bonds of your natural hair to alter their form. This can result in weak hair and if it is not done correctly, your hair can lose elasticity. Post-treatment care is very important with this method because of the power of the chemicals being used.

A safer alternative to rebonding is keratin and this is one of the most popular methods of permanent hair straightening on the market. During the treatment, the bonds in the hair will be broken and the gaps filled with keratin which is a natural protein which is already present in your hair. The infusion of this keratin will limit the curl in your hair by up to 95% and will make it smooth and shiny. Volume will be added to the hair which will make it heavier and weigh it down to add to the straightness.

Smoothing is the last type of permanent hair straightening method and is an alignment technique. This is not a very commonly used technique as it does not prove a fully straight look. However, it is not harmful to your hair as the chemicals used are not very harsh.

If you want to straighten your hair, you need to consider if you want this to be temporary or permanent. Different techniques will need to be used to achieve straight hair and this is based on how long you want the results to last.