Termite Inspections Gold Coast: What To Expect

Many homes all over the world are vulnerable to termite infestation if they are not properly cared for. Termites are very scary to homeowners because they have the potential to cause extensive damage to a home even before one can realize the presence of the pest problem.


This is why home purchasers should seek a detailed building and pest inspection report to ensure the home is termite free and structurally sound. Since they eat wood from inside out, it is very hard for their presence to be detected unless you are aware of what to look for. Everything might just look sturdy and solid until the porch starts tilting or collapses. The good thing about termites is that they work very slowly especially when they are building nests. The best way to curb the termite menace is have a professional exterminator to carry out a thorough inspection on your household. Termite professionals are well versed with the areas at a high risk of termite infestation and the termite species your home may be infested with. If you have never had a termite inspection before and you want to protect your home from termites, you might have no idea of what to expect. Majority of the termite inspection companies offer free termite inspections so look for a reputable company to do the inspection. If you have never had a termite inspection before, here are some of the things to expect from a termite inspection.

Compound Survey

When you call a termite inspection professional, one of the things you should expect is a compound survey. Many exterminators claim that termites must have a place of origin before they can start boring into your house. In most cases, termites find good shelter in damp places. Therefore, a termite inspection professional will walk around your home compound to try is track the termites point of origin. Termites are usually inactive during the day so some professionals may prefer to carry out their inspections at night. With the help of UV light, they can easily track termites because they are usually very active at night.

The Identification of Termite Species

A professional termite inspection is not just about identifying the presence of termites. I goes far much beyond that. When a termite inspection professional, you should expect him to identify the termite species infesting your home. There are different termite species and they all have different behavior and control methods. Therefore, in addition to tracking the termite’s place of origin, the exterminator should identify the termite species. This will help him determine the most ideal control method to use.

A Termite Inspection Report

Once the exterminator has done all the necessary inspection, it is important for him to come up with an inspection report. Although many people ignore this, it is very important in termite inspection. Basically, an inspection report is a kind of detailed statement that either notes the absence or presence of signs that indicate termite activity in areas that the inspector can see. In the report, the inspector should highlight all the areas inspected and their respective findings. The report should go ahead to indicate the presence of any areas that were not visible to the inspector such as attics or crawlspaces and vents that need restructuring so as to provide access.

In the termite inspection report, the exterminator should go ahead and include important information about conditions in your compound that are potentially conducive for the infestation of termites such as wood-to-ground contacts and moisture sources. In addition to highlighting these conditions, the report should offer suggestions to rectify these issues.

Termite inspections should be part of a routine home maintenance because they can help you avert the immense damage that termites can cause.